BCAA shot - 12pack

BCAA shot - 12pack

The most important amino acids in one practical Shot!

  • High dose of BCAAs
  • Including Arginine
  • Practical shot of 60 ml
  • Deliciously fresh sour berry taste
  • BCAA Shot -12pack

    BCAA Shot

    The must-have in every (sports) bag: BCAA Shots from XXL Nutrition. These small 60ml bottles are easy to carry and provide you with just one shot of no less than 4000mg of BCAAs. These BCAAs represent the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine and cannot be produced by the body itself. Because it requires a very balanced diet to get the BCAAs in the right proportion, a supplement like BCAA Shot can offer a solution. Supplement this with the semi-essential amino acid Arginine, ensuring that the absorption of the BCAAs from the Shots is optimally supported.

    Convenience serves the athlete

    As a fanatic athlete, you probably know it: because of all the supplements you use, they take up almost a larger part of your sports bag than the sports equipment itself. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past with the BCAA Shots from XXL Nutrition. Just one shot of 60 ml provides you with all the necessary amount of BCAAs, and in the optimal ratio of 2: 1: 1. With a fresh Sour Berry flavor, the shots will not get boring quickly and you can easily provide your body with the essential amino acids.

    No unnecessary additions

    To achieve the delicious fresh Sour Berry taste, we only used a small amount of sweetener. This means that the addition of sugar is not necessary and 1 shot contains less than 19 kcal. The BCAA Shots are also fat-free, so you can easily apply them within your responsible lifestyle.

    Usage and dosage

    Use a BCAA Shot before, during or after training. 1 serving contains 60 ml and provides your body with 2000 mg Leucine, 1000 mg Isoleucine, 1000 ng Valine and 500 mg Arginine.


    For alternative forms of BCAAs, also check out our BCAA Powder and BCAA Energy Drink.

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