Blast! Pre Workout

Blast! Pre Workout

No-Nonsense Pre-Workout booster

  • Feel the blast after 15 minutes
  • Contains only the most powerful pre-workout ingredients
  • Free of creatine
  • 30 Blasting training sessions per package, less than 60 cents per training!
  • Blast! Pre Workout

    Don't spend to much money on a pre-workout booster! Blast! is our new pre workout booster that doesn't contain any fancy, unnecessary and expensive fillers, it only contains the most powerfull and proven ingredients available. This product is just a no-nonsense pre-workout booster that contains everything you will need to blast through your workout, day after day.

    Active ingredients

    • Beta Alanine
    • Taurine
    • Citrulline Malate
    • AAKG
    • Caffeine
    • Maltodextrine (provides as support for a better absorption and workability of the other ingredients)

    Blast! Pre Workout Caffein free

    Do you enjoy using a pre-workout supplement, but does the caffein in there make you feel angsty and rushed? That makes Blast! Pre-Workout Caffein free the pre workout for you! This powerful pre-workout contains the same high-quality ingredients as Blast Pre Workout, only without caffein. Due to the optimal composition of ingredients such as citrulline malate, beta alanine, taurine, and arginine AKG, you definitely do not have to worry about experiencing unwanted side effects and still experience a great rush. To make sure you will keep enjoying Blast! Pre-Workout caffein, it has been developed in the amazing flavour of fruit punch.

    Caution: Blast! Pre-Workout caffeine is not suitable for woman who are pregnant or who breastfeed.

    Suggested Use

    Mix 1 scoop (10 grams) with 200 ml of the drink of your choice and drink Blast! Pre Workout 30 minutes before your workout.

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