Burner Shot 12Pack

Burner Shot 12Pack

Delicious Burner Shot containing no less than 8 powerful ingredients

  • 8 Effective ingredients
  • Including l-Carnitine, Cafein and Guarana extract
  • Convenient 60 ml shots
  • 12 bottles per box
  • Delicious fresh Berry flavor
  • Burner Shot -12pack

    AKE NOTICE: Also temporarily available to individuals!

    Burner Shot is only available for wholesale customers and is intended for offline sale in gyms and supplement stores. Burner Shot is not available online for consumers. Business accounts also aren't allowed to sell the product online. 

    For resale to consumers we recommend a selling price of €2 - €2,50 per Shot.

    Burner Shot is a ready-to-drink shot containing no less than 8 powerful ingredients including L-Carnitine, Choline bitartrate, Guarana Extract and Cafein Anhydrous! These carefully put together ingredients make Burner Shot the perfect support during a calorie restricted diet. Burner Shot is also completely free of any added sugars or fat!

    Because of the optimal mixture of ingredients, combined with a delicious, fresh flavor, Burner Shot is the perfect choice before any workout.

    Burner Shot is available as a 12-pack containing 60ml shots in a delicious Berry flavor.

21,00 €Prix