Complex Carb Gainer

Complex Carb Gainer

The best weight gainer with 3 protein sources, different complex carbs and fats from MCT-oil

  • The best weight gainer available
  • Carbs from rice powder and oats
  • Extra MCT-oil
  • 3 different protein sources: whey concentrate, whey isolate and micellar casein
  • Complex Carb Gainer

    Complex Carb Gainer is the ideal supplement for those having trouble gaining weight. Complex Carb Gainer is a superior mix of high-quality complex carbohydrate and protein sources with MCT oil. And there is more: the balanced mix of vitamins and minerals and Complex Carb Gainer provides you with the ideal weight gainer / meal substitute. Complex Carb Gainer is easily dissolved, easy to digest and has a delicious taste.

    Why is Complex Carb Gainer the best Weight Gainer?

    Among all the weight gainers there is lots to choose from. Each brand offers a lot of weight gainers and each of them are 'state-of-the-art'. But it is time that you are going to look into details. Do you want weight gainers full of sugar? Do you want weight gainers with low quality protein sources? Do you want extra added BCAAs? We don't think so. If you want, for example, extra BCAAs it is better to go for a BCAA product. You are looking for a weight gainer and that is what we created!

    Complex Carb Gainer is based on true foods! No chemical ingredients, but real food from milk protein, rice and oats. We added NO sugar or other useless ingredients. This gainer is made for those who want to gain but only want the best for their body's. 

    • 38,9% contains Whey protein from 3 different sources: Whey Concentrate (40%), Micellar Casein (40%) and Whey Isolate (20%)
    • 39,2% are the complex carbs from Rice Powder and Oats
    • We added extra MCT oil for useful fats
    • To complete the product, we also added useful vitamins and minerals.


    Meal substitute: mix 300 ml milk or another drink of your choice with 100 grams (4 full scoops) of Complex Carb Gainer.
    Extra eating moment: mix 150 ml milk or another drink of your choice with 50 grams (2 full scoops) of Complex Carb Gainer.

    XXL Tip 1: add MCT-Oil if you want to increase your calorie intake per shake responsibly.
    XXL Tip 2: B-Vitamins are a good addition to carbohydrates. We advise Vitamin B-100 Complex

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