Multivit - 120 tabs

Multivit - 120 tabs

MultiVit is specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes and active people

  • High dosed ingredients in the correct ratio's for every athlete
  • 1 tablet a day
  • Best value-for-money you can find
  • Not even 14 cents per tablet
  • 4 months supply
  • MultiVit

    For everyone, a balanced diet provides the basis for a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is essential to get enough proteins, carbohydrates and fats. We also call this macronutrients. In addition to these macronutrients, however, there is another important group of nutrients, namely the micronutrients vitamins and minerals. A daily healthy basic diet is often enough to get enough of this, but because the needs of athletes are a lot higher, a supplement can offer a solution. That is why XXL Nutrition introduces MultiVit: all necessary vitamins and minerals in a high dose in one tablet. Getting enough micronutrients has never been easier. Get fit again! (B12)

    High-quality ingredients in the most optimal ratio

    There are many multivitamins on the market, which makes it sometimes difficult to make a distinction. However, with MultiVit from XXL Nutrition you can be sure that you are in the right place. These tablets contain no less than 10 different vitamins, such as Vitamin A and six types of Vitamin B, and minerals such as calcium, iron, chromium and zinc. All these vitamins and minerals are of the best quality and are added in a high dose form, so that MultiVit optimally meets the needs of athletes. In addition, Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and Vitamin E helps to protect healthy body cells.

    Multivit contains no animal ingredients so it fits perfectly into a vegan lifestyle too! 

    Usage and dosage

    Take 1 tablet MultiVit per day, if possible during a meal to achieve optimal absorption. The composition per tablet is tailored to athletes and meets 100% vitamin and mineral requirements. In case of heavy physical exertion, one tablet can be taken a maximum of twice a day during the day.

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