Vegalicious Protein Bar -12pack

Vegalicious Protein Bar -12pack

100% vegan and provides you with enough protein even within a vegan lifestyle!

  • Super tasty vegan protein bar
  • Contains 22,4% protein from high-quality pea protein isolate
  • Low in sugars and saturated fats
  • Vegalicious Protein Bar -12pack

    When Vegan meets Delicious you get Vegalicious: a super tasty vegan protein bar! It can be difficult to get enough protein within a vegan lifestyle, but with this Vegalicious Protein Bar, that is all in the past. With at least 22,4% protein you support any active lifestyle. The protein from these tasty vegan protein bars is sourced from pea isolate, which is a high-quality protein source. From the first bite, it is apparent that a vegan protein bar can be just as delicious as a regular protein bar: the caramel filling with peanuts and vegan chocolate turns out to be an absolute winner. Try it yourself!

    XXL Nutrition Vegan Series

    The Vegalicious Protein Bar is an absolute asset to our XXL Nutrition  Vegan Series. This category contains products that are 100% vegan which will supply you with plenty of protein within your vegan lifestyle. The popularity of vegan protein increases, so make sure to keep an eye out for our Vegan Series for the newest product developments! 

    Nutritional value and flavour vegan protein bar

    Taste the Vegalicious Protein Bar yourself and be amazed by the delicious flavour! You will enjoy a tasty combination of caramel and chocolate from the first bite. The crunch from peanuts makes it complete. Every Vegalicious Protein Bar contains at least 12 grams of protein and 7,5 grams of fibre. With a sugar content of only 2,4% and 5,9 grams of saturated fats per bar, you can easily incorporate them in a healthy lifestyle.

    Use and dosage

    Take the Vegalicious Protein Bar right after working out, or as a protein rich and healthy snack during the day. 

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