Vegan Protein Bar -9pack

Vegan Protein Bar -9pack

A delicious protein bar and completely free of animal ingredients!

  • High-quality proteins from pumpkin seeds and peas
  • 25.5% protein per bar
  • 22% fiber per bar
  • Vegan Protein Bar -9pack

    You will have noticed: a vegan lifestyle is hot! The group of athletes who live a vegan lifestyle is growing enormously, and XXL Nutrition has introduced the Vegan Protein Bar to provide those athletes with the right nutrients. This delicious protein bar is completely free of animal ingredients, contains pure proteins from pumpkin seeds and peas and also fits in a gluten-free diet. The Vegan Protein Bar is available in the super tasty Chocolate Peanut flavor, so supplementing your proteins is not only easy but also a real treat. The Vegan Protein Bar is a compact, gooey bar and is indistinguishable in taste from a normal Protein Bar!


    The basis of the Vegan Protein Bar is formed by the vegetable proteins from pumpkin seeds and pea protein isolate. Supplement this with full-fledged ingredients like peanuts and roasted pumpkin seeds for a tasty bite, a small amount of sweetener for a delicious taste and you've found the tastiest vegan protein bar!

    Nutritional Values

    Each 40 gram bar contains a whopping 10 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber and only 1.9 grams of saturated fat. Each bar also provides you with only 149 kcal, so the Vegan Protein Bar also fits perfectly into a calorie-restricting diet. For anyone with a vegan lifestyle, there is the Vegan Protein Bar, but also for anyone looking for a change in protein source, this vegan protein bar is ideal.

    Use and dosage

    Take a Vegan Protein Bar after training or at any other time. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount (2-3 bars).

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